Why Invest in a Sodded Lawn?

  1. Sod Provides Instant Beauty and Value РIn just a few hours, sod can transform your yard into lush and mature grass and instantly increases the market value of your home.
  2. Enjoy Life With Cultivated Sod – Instead of waiting years for your lawn to grow with seed, leave it to the professionals and enjoy your lawn today!
  3. Sod Creates a Healthy Environment – Sod provides a soft, clean surface for young children, lawn games, and entertaining company, unlike a typical lawn with weeds and bare spots. It also reflects 50% of the sun’s heat creating a cool atmosphere, and cleanses the air quality around your home by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.
  4. Sod is Adaptable Where Seed is Not – Sod can be installed over a longer season on slopes, in erosion-prone areas, and on inferior soils where seeding would not be possible.